Meet Sal

Born and raised in Santa Ana, CA, Sal Tinajero is a dedicated educator of Santa Ana School District. He was the first of his family to receive a college degree: a Bachelor’s from Bradley University and a Master’s from National University. Sal is a hardworking leader who has served as your City Councilmember since 2006. He is a devoted husband and father of three. He has received numerous awards for his leadership from all over the country, including an invitation to the White House. And today, he wants to be your mayor. With your help we will continue to build an even better Santa Ana.

Vision & Mission

I believe in Santa Ana. I was born and educated here. I’ve been honored to teach as well as serve on the School Board and the City Council for eighteen years. As your Santa Ana Councilman, I have reduced crime (according to FBI crime report), voted to bring new businesses with high paying jobs, and worked to combat graffiti and keep neighborhoods safe. I was the 2005 National Hispanic Teacher of the Year, the 2018 California Educator of the Year, and received the California Golden Bell award for excellence in education in both 2009 and 2015. As your new Mayor, I will apply my success as an educator and Councilman with the following plan:

Help Santa Ana schools reduce the achievement gap because strong schools
increase property values, educated citizens attract business and city revenues

Increase safety by strengthening our support for law enforcement, implement a plan to decrease homelessness, and quicken 911 response times.

Create safer neighborhoods and clean streets to improve our quality of life.

I want you to have pride living in Santa Ana. As your Mayor we can continue to reduce crime, attract business, and improve our neighborhoods. I respectfully ask for your vote.

-Councilmember Sal Tinajero

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